Table of Magic Contents

There are currently 9 publicly available stories and a little birdie told me also 9 other ones being prepared in the magic story laboratory.
TitleDescriptionAuthorLast Modified
Iain Selman Is A Dirty DriverActually he's many things. But dirty driver is definitely one of them.John Schoneboom2019-03-14 22:49:08
Mixed DoublesReal and False Helen and Nice and Evil Julian meet each other with variable results.John Schoneboom2018-12-30 22:49:00
The birthdayThe cruel march of time.Floribunda2018-12-25 23:05:07
Real Estate BoyThe story of a boy and his floorplansJohn Schoneboom2018-11-27 22:48:49
The little shop of horrors Does evil beget evil? Polly Gon2018-11-23 21:28:41
Where In The World?Trying to make 'Non' sense of Waltzing MatildaPolly Gon2018-11-20 20:40:41
The neverending pieNo description availableJonny Fenham2018-11-18 22:57:58
Once Upon A Time In HounslowA fleeting glimpse into the inner turmoils of sweet shopping in Heathrow's Terminal 3JazMichael King2018-11-13 16:02:27
The CharacterA silly story just to provide a simple example of how the magic stories work.John Schoneboom2018-10-24 16:47:48